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Abby Brammel

When shooting Abby, I wanted to show her natural beauty. With broad, flattering light sources, I wished to accentuate striking eyes and cheekbones, while showcasing beautiful skin, eyes, and smile.

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Chris Pine

Above all, I wanted to convey Chris’ personality through these photos.  Some of the most emotive images of Chris came as he was interacting with another member of the crew, who was off-camera.

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Mireille Enos

Going into this shoot, we were looking for variety, and breaking out of conservative characteristics to show Mireille in a new, more dynamic light.

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Zachary Quinto

I like the laid-back editorial feel that we went for, as an alternative to the sinister look of his Heroes character, and the more polished feel of the studio shoots we’ve done.

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Steven Strait

I saw that the smoke from the cigarette Steven was enjoying while I set up was catching the light in a very cool way.  The existing fluorescent light fixture not only made the smoke look good, but also contributed to the almost eerie rim/hair light.

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"I feel that photography is the process of creating a moment, and then capturing that moment and making that moment permanent.  I always enjoy the result, the individual image, series or story, but it is all that goes into achieving that result that I relish most.  The thinking and mulling over creative concepts, the problem solving and strategizing, manifesting an abstract vision into a tangible reality, even working out logistics like scheduling and scouting out locations are all rewarding to me in their own right."  -Joe Quinto