About Joe Quinto

Joe QuintoJoe Quinto was born in the iron city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Raised on Primanti Brothers sandwiches and the Steelers, Quinto attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in English with a minor in art and photography; an interest in immediately capturing the characteristics and moods of his subjects was soon born and rapidly grew to a passion.

Making the move to Los Angeles late in 1997, Quinto pursued his interest in shooting by working with bands, actors, artists and unique personalities of all kinds.  The pictures came, and the subjects enjoyed the experience.  Quinto soon became adept at putting subjects at ease, while evoking their true character and expressiveness.  The combination of technical ability and creative vision when collaborating with clients, art directors, and subjects has become his strong suit.  Variety and volume became common characteristics of shoots.