Abby Brammel
When shooting Abby, I wanted to show her natural beauty.  With broad, flattering light sources, I wished to accentuate striking eyes and cheekbones, while showcasing beautiful skin, eyes, and smile. The best way to do this for this particular shoot, I felt, was to do the shoot at Abby’s house, in and around the yard.  The soft light provided in the open shade of the many trees around the yard was perfect for flattering beauty portraits.  Also, I wanted Abby to be as at ease as possible, and while we have been friends for years, I felt that the familiar, and comfortable surroundings of home would serve to make her comfortable.  As you can see, the resulting images reflect a very natural, relaxed and calm disposition.

For the shot inside, I wanted a bit of a retro look, playing on the warmth of the room.  We chose the silk slip dress for its rich texture and to further accentuate the warm tones of the image.  It was quiet and intimate in the house and in the room, a feeling that I think was reflected in the images as well.