Lynn Collins

I thought it would be cool to do a shoot with Lynn together with her husband to break away a bit from the straightforward portraiture style on which I had been concentrating at the time.  In keeping with varying the style of image, I chose to shoot on location, their loft building near downtown Los Angeles, instead of a studio.       

My inspiration began with another retro feel idea, which quickly morphed into a Fincher-like vibe with the visible fluorescent lights of the parking lot in the building.  I liked that there were no definable characteristic to indicate where the environment was.  Using controlled slices of light from the strobes, I tried to light dramatically, as well as beautifully, being careful not to contaminate the dramatic looking environments.  

For the two shots, I wanted something like a noir book cover or graphic novel, or a scene from a Raymond Chandler detective novel.  Lynn’s striking beauty and Steven’s deadpan cool glance make these images for me.

After shooting the two shot, when placing Lynn alone in the garage with the fluorescent light, I directed her to be bold and sexy and powerful.   I wanted to present her in a strong, sensual and heroic way.  I kept the background plain and ambiguous to add to the mystery of the images.

On the fur-covered couch, I strove for a classic Hollywood starlet look for Lynn.  Despite a room full of crew, and strobes and packs suspended above and around her, we accomplished an image with an intimate feel.