Mireille Enos
Mireille Enos - Location Shoot
Going into this shoot, we were looking for variety, and breaking out of conservative characteristics, to show Mireille in a new, more dynamic light. After talking over our ideas, goals and strategies for the shoot, Mireille and I went over tear sheets from magazines to establish a look and feel for each individual shot. Her enthusiasm was apparent, even at this early stage. The game plan we came up with was to start plain and rather conservative, gradually moving toward more edgy, dramatic lighting, make-up, and clothing. I went over the plan with the stylist and make-up artist, to ensure the whole team was on the same page, and to establish the tempo and mood for the day.

From the beginning of the shoot, Mireille very effectively demonstrated great enthusiasm and a wide variety of expressions and looks while in front of the camera. From behind the camera, I gave her small bits of direction, but my job was made easy by her talent and enthusiasm. Our interaction was immediately evident in the photos, and our excitement grew. Slight lighting changes in the studio, more dramatic changes in hair, make-up and clothing, then a big change to the outside locations shaped the mood of the shoot throughout the day. Feelings from very mellow and straightforward, early in the day, progressed to radically edgy and very fun at the end of the day, and are clearly reflected in the variety of images.